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Dorothy's Blog

Dorothy's Blog

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Dorothy GuerraDorothy Guerra, Co-owner, RYT, RPYT, CCBE, CCLD

Dorothy Guerra has been teaching yoga since 1997 and has founded 3 Hot Yoga Studio’s in Toronto. She is the author of The Yoga Birth Method-Step by Step Guide to Natural Childbirth which has been translated to 4 languages and published in 5 countries.  The book was a finalist for best indie health book by Foreward Review in 2014.

She is the director and founder of Rebirth the World One Village at a Time, Through her work in Africa she helps to fund sponsorships for children to attain an education in rural Kenya.  She also brings awareness to safe birth practices by raising funds to deliver Clean Birth kits in partnership with by AZYZ. 

She is the director of Yoga Network of Canada and organization that registers yoga teachers across Canada.

She is a certified labor doula, also completing first year of midwifery studies in Utah. She has been supporting women through pregnancy and birth since 2009.  She has trained as a lay midwife in Africa.

She also specializes in fertility managment where she supports couples undergoing treatments with fertility clinics in Ontario. She is a member of Infertility Awareness Association of Canada.

Dorothy offers certification in the Yoga Method for doulas, childbirth professionals and yoga teachers.  She trains students across NorthAmerica and often speaks for well know international yoga or childbirth Conferences.

Sheri Holubec Machado

SheriSheri has always been passionate about fitness and wellness. She maintains an active lifestyle engaging in a variety of sports both for a fitness purpose and leisure when sharing them with family and friends. In her early adult life, Sheri became a certified Fitness Instructor where she enjoyed sharing her passion and teaching a variety of fitness classes for ten years. They included low impact aerobics, circuit training, cardio kick box, cardio ball and stretch and strength. During her continuing education as a Fitness Instructor she was introduced to yoga and decided that she would evolve her fitness background to include teaching yoga.

Sheri has been practicing Hatha and Vinaysa yoga for ten years when she personally experienced the transformation that is possible. Through yoga, Sheri attained a sense of “escape” from daily stresses and a return to a peaceful and calm renewal that was missing from her other fitness pursuits. Sheri also discovered the regular practice of yoga has been the most successful in maintaining a healthy flexible back following an injury sustained during her fitness instruction days.

Sheri completed her Yoga Instructor Certification course with Dorothy Guerra February 2011 and loves to inspire others of all abilities to move their bodies, calm their minds and feel their inner spiritual connectedness.

To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.”

Lao Tzu

Beth Spilchuk

BethBeth first started practicing yoga while working at a remote Provincial Park in Northwestern Ontario, and was inspired by the connections that nature brought to mind, body, and spirit. After completing university, she continued her path of learning at Parivartan. Beth started her Teacher Training with Dorothy in 2009, and having never participated in a hot yoga class before, Beth was amazed after her first experience. Leaving Parivartan feeling refreshed (a little sweaty!), and ready to take on any challenge, Beth knew that she had made the right decision.

Beth enjoys the sense of awareness that is experienced while practicing yoga, and is inspired at how different and personal everyone's practice can be. She always encourages those around her to try yoga, especially after seeing the positive benefits that it has brought to her own life. Beth's goals are not only to promote relaxation, control and self-awareness of mind and body; but also to push for overall health. Her dedication to her classes and her teaching gives Beth the type of happiness that she encourages her students to pursue.

Dino De Lellis

Dino loves yoga!

 He believes that yoga addresses all aspects of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being, and that acceptance and confidence on the mat reflect into daily life.  He loves the peace and happiness that it brings him, and loves helping others to similarly discover the healing and empowering effects of yoga.

 Dino has been practicing for close to a decade. His interest has lead him to many styles and teachers of yoga. His practice started with Hatha and lead to Kundalini, Ashtanga and Vinyasa. In 2008 he walked into a hot yoga studio and has been there ever since. In recent years, his yoga practice has brought great change in his life, inspiring him to share his experience with others

Besides yoga, Dino loves…

flip flops, full moons, chocolate, anything coconut... His family, music, his parrot, laughter, camp fires  & starting the day with a cup of coffee. Game of Thrones, all things Italian, deep breaths, dreadlocks, the ocean, mountains, big trees and silence…

Silke Buitenhaus

My Way to find Yoga in my life was long, painful and full of doubt and anxiety. After my second child was born my health and sanity seemed to have left me and kept me struggling with a chronic disease (inflammatory arthritis) and a drug dependency.

I found some healing for emotional problems and years of resentment during Kundalini Yoga practice. From here on I was able to fulfill lifelong dreams, like for example to run three half marathons and one full marathon. This intense training put strains on my already debilitated joints. This was my way into Hatha Yoga. Not only I found stretches of time where I was completely pain free, I also found some mental calmness and even glimpses of hope and happiness.

This journey is still ongoing and I am learning a lot about myself in each and every practice and if I would be able to help one other person to overcome self-doubt, chronic pain, or other issues, it would mean the world to me. I would feel I pay back some kind of debt to the practice itself, to people who travelled with me on this path, people who trained and instructed me.

I’d like to be part of the universal community of Yoga. Not just as a bystander, but an active and contributing member.

Thank you for being part of this journey. I appreciate all you do so well.

Namaste Silke

Julie Verhoeven

Julie started practicing and loving yoga in 2008. At first coming to yoga as a way to recover lost strength and flexibility after some health challenges and surgeries. Then, of course, discovering that yoga was so much more than that and falling in love with it.

Julie received her teaching certification from Dorothy Guerra in 2012. She is also very influenced by Laura Brown and Diane Karlos.

Firmly believing that yoga is for everyone, Julie teaches a style of yoga that focuses on body, mind and spirit. Strengthening, stretching and energizing the whole body with hatha yoga postures and vinyasa flows. Quieting the mind with gentle guidance, refocusing and breath. Awakening the spirit with shared energy and joy.


Christine Ferguson

Christine began her yoga journey in 2007 and instantly realized the healing powers it had to offer. Not long after she knew she wanted to share her love of yoga with others and immersed herself in a two-year certification program. Her love of yoga has deepened through the study of philosophy and theory of yoga and she continues to study the many different disciplines of yoga. A commitment to health and well-being has always been an important part of Christine’s life and her goal as a teacher is to guide her students into a path of wellness and self-discovery through body, mind and spirit. Christine believes that asana practice is not only a way to live a healthier lifestyle, but also to bring one closer to one’s true self.