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Your Streetsville Yoga Teachers

Dorothy GuerraDorothy Guerra, Co-owner, RYT, RPYT, CCBE, CCLD

Dorothy Guerra has been teaching yoga since 1997 and has founded Parivartan Hot Yoga and the Yoga Birth Method. She is the author of Yogini Birthing. She has brought together the concept of BIRTH Yoga Studios. Her goal is one center that offers yoga transformation for everyone and specializes in the care of yoga for prenatal support. She offers teacher training for yoga certification and is a conference speaker for various well know childbirth organizations such as Lamaze, DONA, CAPPA and ICEA and Yoga Organizations in Canada and the United States.

Her passion is yoga. She believes this powerful practice has the power to reawaken life and make positive changes for anyone looking to make a difference to how they live physically, mentally and spiritually.

She is also affiliated with New Life Fertility clinics as a fertility yoga therapist. She is a member of Infertility Awareness Association of Canada.

Owner, Registered Instructor and President of the Yoga Network of Canada and registered with The Yoga Alliance. Dorothy is the Creator of Yogini Birthing. This is a technique used during labour to help manage pain to allow for a natural and enlightened birth experience. The Yoga Birth Method educates woman on informed choice and teaches a specific sequence of postures, breath work and meditation for each stage of labour allowing woman and couples to work with their baby through the labouring process.

Dorothy offers certification in the Yoga Method for doulas, childbirth professionals and yoga teachers.

She has authored Parivartan Yoga - Transformation from Within. She has two yoga DVDs and also created the Hot Yoga @ Home Kit.

Dorothy is a faculty member for the Yoga Show and Conference where she educates yoga teachers on The Yoga Birth Method.

Through her years of teaching she has taken a special interest in infertility as she became aware of how much infertility is an issue among couples. Through her own personal connections with infertility, she naturally became passionate in teaching yoga and meditation to help release the negativity and toxic emotions that infertility can cause in women and in relationships. Yoga can make a difference in lives, Allowing the body to be open, ready and healthy can invite a pregnancy naturally or through Artificial Reproductive Techniques. Yoga provides the coping tools necessary to make anything possible.

Pregnancy care is important. She enjoys working with pregnant women and watching them grow with new life. Keeping a women in tune with her baby and new body is a wonderful reward in her work. She is a Yoga Doula offering support in delivery. Labor is a wonderful experience for a couple. She keeps the couple focused and mindful during the birthing of their baby using yoga postures for easy delivery, breath techniques and optimum support.

The aftercare completes the package in her work keeping Moms feeling great in their recovering body's and new lifestyles. Stress management and wellness is important part of preventing and treating postpartum. Dorothy enjoys helping the couples make their journey from infertility to delivery.

Sheri Holubec Machado

SheriSheri has always been passionate about fitness and wellness. She maintains an active lifestyle engaging in a variety of sports both for a fitness purpose and leisure when sharing them with family and friends. In her early adult life, Sheri became a certified Fitness Instructor where she enjoyed sharing her passion and teaching a variety of fitness classes for ten years. They included low impact aerobics, circuit training, cardio kick box, cardio ball and stretch and strength. During her continuing education as a Fitness Instructor she was introduced to yoga and decided that she would evolve her fitness background to include teaching yoga.

Sheri has been practicing Hatha and Vinaysa yoga for ten years when she personally experienced the transformation that is possible. Through yoga, Sheri attained a sense of “escape” from daily stresses and a return to a peaceful and calm renewal that was missing from her other fitness pursuits. Sheri also discovered the regular practice of yoga has been the most successful in maintaining a healthy flexible back following an injury sustained during her fitness instruction days.

Sheri completed her Yoga Instructor Certification course with Dorothy Guerra February 2011 and loves to inspire others of all abilities to move their bodies, calm their minds and feel their inner spiritual connectedness.

To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.”

Lao Tzu

Beth Spilchuk

BethBeth first started practicing yoga while working at a remote Provincial Park in Northwestern Ontario, and was inspired by the connections that nature brought to mind, body, and spirit. After completing university, she continued her path of learning at Parivartan. Beth started her Teacher Training with Dorothy in 2009, and having never participated in a hot yoga class before, Beth was amazed after her first experience. Leaving Parivartan feeling refreshed (a little sweaty!), and ready to take on any challenge, Beth knew that she had made the right decision.

Beth enjoys the sense of awareness that is experienced while practicing yoga, and is inspired at how different and personal everyone's practice can be. She always encourages those around her to try yoga, especially after seeing the positive benefits that it has brought to her own life. Beth's goals are not only to promote relaxation, control and self-awareness of mind and body; but also to push for overall health. Her dedication to her classes and her teaching gives Beth the type of happiness that she encourages her students to pursue.

Jeannie Dunn

About twelve years ago I started very informally and sporadically to do yoga at home by watching and following along with a program that came on TV in the mornings. I had always been active but had found an enjoyable way of working out in yoga. I fell in love with this art of mind, body and spirit therapy. A few years ago I was in a car accident that had would have me seeing a physiotherapist regularly for the next 1.5 years, and though this treatment was very helpful in the healing process, I still suffered with pain that seemed to linger no matter what.  After trying multiple treatments I decided to give yoga a try once again and not only did the persistent pain cease, but I fell in love all over again with this practice. After a month or two I knew I wanted to become an instructor. I felt I would be able to share the benefits with others that not only want a healthier lifestyle but also to those that had chronic pain and did not know where else to turn. Yoga has had such a positive impact on me and has helped me through one of the toughest experiences of my life. I am grateful to have rediscovered this life changing way of living and am always excited to share it with others, knowing that it will only bring positive outcomes into their lives as well.