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Dorothy Guerra, RYT, RPYT, CCBE, CCLD, is the Author of The Yoga Birth Method – The Step by Step Guide to Natural Childbirth and is currently working on her second book GPS Your Life – Position yourself in this World, Move in the direction of Power and Arrive at your Soul Purpose.

Dorothy Guerra has been teaching yoga since 1997 and has founded Parivartan Hot Yoga, Rebirth Yoga Studios and the Yoga Birth Method.  She offers teacher training though The Yoga Network of Canada, an organization that provides standards for yoga teachers in Canada. She is also a reknown speaker for various well know childbirth organizations such as Lamaze, DONA, CAPPA and ICEA and Yoga Organizations in Canada and the United States. She uses the powerful practice of yoga to reawaken peoples lives and to help make positive changes for anyone looking to make a difference in how they live physically, mentally and spiritually.

She also works with New Life Fertility clinics as a fertility yoga therapist. She is a member of Infertility Awareness Association of Canada.  She has devoted much of her work to helping women manoeuvre through the fertility system and helps them rebalance their lives to successfully conceive or create a plan to have a family.

Her prenatal work “The Yoga Birth Method” educates woman on informed choice and teaches a specific sequence of postures, breath work and meditation for each stage of labour allowing woman and couples to work with their baby through the labouring process. Dorothy offers certification in the Yoga Method for doulas, childbirth professionals and yoga teachers. She enjoys working with pregnant women and watching them grow with new life. Keeping a women in tune with her baby and new body is a wonderful reward in her work.

She is a Yoga Doula offering support in delivery. Labor is a wonderful experience for a couple. She keeps the couple focused and mindful during the birthing of their baby using yoga postures for easy delivery, breath techniques and optimum support. The aftercare completes the package in her work keeping Moms feeling great in their recovering body’s and new lifestyles. Stress management and wellness is important part of preventing and treating postpartum. Dorothy enjoys helping the couples make their journey from infertility to delivery.

Dorothy believes that with the right understanding of yoga and practice, anything is possible.  Her life goal is to become a Christian Pastor and to incorporate christian philosophy with her yoga work and to begin a missionary  helping impoverished people in developing countries and less then ideal living circumstances find freedom and help them find their place in this Universe.

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